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Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter into several times a day. It can happen naturally when we watch T.V.. or when we are driving a car or concentrating on something.

When you are in hypnosis it feels like day dreaming or relaxing. You have all your awareness’s and clients are often surprised that they can hear what is said to them. Everyone can be hypnotized. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. However some people go deeper than others.

Hypnotherapy is a therapy whereby suggestions are being given while experiencing hypnosis.
The hypnotherapist facilitates the client giving positive or appropriate suggestions. This can have a very positive and beneficial effect, assisting people to make positive and beneficial changes in their lives and these changes are often profound and life changing. This can have a therapeutic effect on the mind and the body for the release of problems e.g. addictions, gambling, stop smoking, weight loss, drugs, alcohol, stress, depression, anxiety, confidence, etc.

Hypnosis is not a truth serum, you are in control at all times..

Teenagers love hypnosis and respond very well. Particularly teenagers that lack confidence or feel stressed with the pressures to perform well at school or having to speak in front of the class. Some teenagers lack confience in a social environment some are battling ocds, there are many issues that teenagers have to deal with and hypnosis can be very helpful.

Children are very responsive to hypnosis as they have fantastic imaginations which is very helpful when using hypnotherapy. Children use hypnosis for a myriad of problems from bedwetting to fears and phobias to confidence and self esteem issues.

What is the Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band (Lap band) is a highly effective rapid and simple weight loss program. As one of the first clinical hypnotherapists who trained with Sheila Granger. Sheila is the founder of The Virtual Gastric Ban,(lap band), her system  has been trailed and tested extensively in the UK with astounding results. The Virtual Gastric Band has helped thousands of people around the world with long term results. The procedure is non surgical, non invasive and completely safe.

This is NOT a diet, this system works using a virtual gastric band with mind management techniques. You will feel fuller quicker, much more satisfied and those cravings for sugary foods will disappear.

It’s all NATURAL!!

Clients are amazed at how easy and effortless it is.

Also available in the comfort of your own home,  Virtual Gastric Band Skype hypnosis sessions. For  more information contact me.

What is NLP?

NLP neuro linguistic programming. Neuro -thinking, linguistic-verbal and non verbal communication.
This is a study based on successful people and how they think and behave.

What is EFT?

Emotional freedom technique on is tapping on meridians of the body. read more on

What is an LBL (Life between lives)?

Life between lives was developed by Dr Michael Newton over thirty years and 7000 case studies.

You can also read more about Dr Michael Newton and the work he has pioneered in his books:

Journey of Souls
Destiny of Souls

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