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“Thank you so much Marion. My husband and I have just got back from our holiday in Colundra. I NEVER thought I would enjoy myself so much. The flight was amazing, I even had something to eat and drink. I was so amazed I had completely forgotten I even used to have a fear of flying. In fact I was even able to go up an down in a lift which for me is incredible. We are now talking about our trip to Europe.”

Jane, Christchuch

“My life has changed completely since I came to see you for hypnosis. I was very skeptical at first as I thought nothing could help me. I was in total despair. What amazed me most was that it was so easy I never have urges to gamble anymore and this amazes me even more as my gambling urges were so strong.
I feel free and so much stronger I have a confidence and a belief in myself that I’ve never had before. I’m feeling so much more motivated at work and in my personal life. I wake up feeling hopeful instead of feeling sick with dread I feel as if a weight has been lifted. I am so grateful.”


“I’m still not smoking and loving it. Hypnosis makes it so EASY!”

Sam, Kaikoura

“Marion I came to see you about a resentment I had held for so long and after working through it and feeling so much better I am now pleased to let you know I no longer have hay fever as a result of letting that resentment go.”

Liz, Banks Peninsula

” Thanks to Natural Solutions I now have the 9 year old boy that I always knew was in there”

“I never think of dieting anymore and the weight is slowly falling off. My clothes are so much looser and I feel great!”

“. . . . has now lost 55 kg and is down under 146kgs. I am still loosing as well, I have lost about 12kg”

“It has been 5 1/2 weeks since my first session and I have lost 7.7kg! I am very pleased with myself (and how easy it has been)”

“90 days smoke free, 2709 cigarettes not smoked, $3087 saved!”

“I read an article in The Press about a woman’s success in losing weight with a Virtual Gastric Band. I had tried so many diets with varying degrees of success so thought this very different approach was worth pursuing. I found Marion Soutter’s name on a website and it was clear at the first of my four one hour appointments that this was very different. Hypnosis is something I thought I might be resistant to, but from that very first day I knew there was a difference in my thinking. I found Marion to be very positive with a lovely manner and the atmosphere in her room was peaceful and conducive to hypnosis. While my weight is going down I am no longer obsessed about it because I am feeling so positive and well. I like what I am seeing in the mirror, happily exercise each day, listen to my tape with Marion’s voice and I eat my three small meals a day. I eat normal food and I enjoy the odd glass of wine. Thank you Marion for facilitating this very different form of weight loss through a mind change”


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